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From: Steve G

Are you sick of the bookies having an unfair advantage?

Are you fed up with dishonest tipsters letting you down?

It can be heartbreaking when you're chasing loss after loss hoping to just get a little back.

I've seen grown men cry at the end of a race day, this is how cruel the gambling game can be.

NOTHING in life is ever easy is it?

I'm guessing that at least some of the bets you've made recently you weren't 100% confident in and have regretted.

The bookies LOVE this, and the more risk we take with our bets the more money they make.

The horse racing industry is built on milking money out of as many punters as possible.

Did you know that there are more horse races in the UK now than at any time in history?

Has the increase in the number of races made you any extra cash? I doubt it!

Are the bookies giving you better odds because they have more income streams than ever before? I doubt it!

This is EXACTLY Why You Aren't Profiting from Horse Racing...

  • Bookies are incredibly tough to beat. 
  • Dishonest tipsters are letting you down.
  • You are betting on unprofitable races.
  • You are betting TOO much.

If you have any feelings of regret or feel any guilt for the betting errors you've made then let me stop you right there and reassure you that...

It's NOT Your Fault.

Beating the bookies on your own is TOUGH. 

Unfortunately following most horse racing tipsters is also a huge letdown.

Whether you pay or get your racing tips for free you've no doubt come across a tipster who has lost you money.

Many of our members have been with dishonest tipsters in the past and once they follow us it's a big relief for them to be getting genuine horse racing tips that actually make a profit. 

Even the major racing websites (who should know better) offer little in the way of results reporting and there is no easy way of knowing which (if any) of them are profitable.

Plus popular mainstream tipsters are often heavily backed and the shorter odds price renders the information useless.

Professional premium tipsters are better with results reporting, but often the profits are unreliable and the subscription costs can be ridiculously high.

What I'm here to do for you today is to show you the REAL way to make £10,928 in 18 months from Horse Racing.

Forget placing bets on the races the bookies want you to place.

Forget the bets the unreliable tipsters give without any regard for you or your hard earned money.

Prepare for something new and original that might just change your life...

Introducing...The Race King VIP Club...

By nature I'm a perfectionist, I drive my wife crazy with my unreasonable high standards but this is your gain with my approach to horse racing.

Over the years I've created tons of racing systems and software, truth be told I'm a bit of a racing nerd.

However my research has paid off and I now make a full-time living from gambling. 

Rather than make you some complex system the Race King VIP Club is designed to give you maximum profit with minimum effort.

In this exclusive club I will share my very best bets only, no filler, no rubbish.

These are my most profitable tips and make a huge 10% return on investment.

It's no secret that punters (and tipsters!) throw their money away on wide open impossible races.

The bookies want you to keep betting when they know you have no realistic chance as it makes them the most money.

Bet Less - Win More

The Race King VIP Club will show you that you don't need to bet on a lot of races to beat the bookies.

In my opinion the majority of races are simply not worth wasting your hard earned money on.

Instead by following my bets given exclusively to my VIP members you can find exactly when to pounce and take the bookies cash instead of them taking yours.

With Race King we focus only on genuine profitable opportunities.

Most tipsters do not do this. They don't care if you lose and think nothing of giving you a bad tip.

My Super Selective approach gives you the following benefits...

  • You only bet on the most reliable horses 
  • You avoid  poor Jockeys
  • You avoid races you can't predict
  • You bet less but make MORE!

The bookmakers strongly disagree with you betting less, they would have you betting in your sleep if they could hook you up to an app. :)

But you have to decide whether you want to bet for the sake of it and please your bookie, or like the Race King, bet selectively to maximise profit. 

Even with betting selectively it's STILL a minefield beating the bookies.

So if you want to work hard and put the hours in and are a genius with form and odds then things will no doubt improve for you...

Or if you want to profit the EASY way, simply let US do the hard work with our brand new tried and tested VIP Club.

I introduce my new and insanely profitable horse racing tips club...

Race King VIP Club.

This is How EASY it is to Profit with the Race King VIP Club...


Open Email. We will send consistent winning horse racing tips via email.


Place Tips. Tips are given with clear instructions on what to bet, what points to place and what odds are available.


Collect Winnings. Just by following our emails we expect your betting profits to grow to £10,928 over 18 months. 

Why YOU Need to Join the Race King VIP Club

There are more horse races than at any time in history.

Unfortunately this has created more opportunities for you to lose rather than make profit.

To add to the difficulty of picking winners every man and his dog seems to think he can predict a horse race.

Social media is full of have-a-go tipsters who are full of confidence with who to back but suspiciously shy away from showing their full results records.

Strangely the bigger racing sites who should know better also give no clear records of their tipsters profitability and results and expect you to blindly back them!

I really believe that...

To Profit from Racing You Need to Bet Selectively.

The more selective you are with your horse racing bets the better chance you have of being successful.

For a lot of horse races, no one could profit consistently, whatever their level of skill.

With Race King I give my VIP members only the top tips. These are better tips on reliable horses that make up to £4038 a month in profit.

There isn't a easier horse racing service to follow than Race King and this is what you get...

This is what Race King Gives You...

Start with Just £10 Stakes

Start with just £10 a point stakes and make £1092 or start with £100 a point stakes and make £10,928

ROI of 10%

We make our VIP members HUGE 10% returns, this puts our rival tipsters to shame.

Strike Rate of 36%

Forget long losing runs. 36% of our Race King tips win.

£10,928 in Profit to date

These tips make serious money. £10,928 in profit has been recorded in just 18 months.


No guesswork, just well thought out sensible tips. We make you a long term profit not your bookie.

VIP Support

30 Day Money Back Guarantee, plus as a VIP member you will get full email support as long as you are a member.

The 3 Rules of Race King

Horse racing is complicated and it can be overwhelming and daunting to even attempt to strategically profit from the bookies. Our philosophy is to keep things simple and our method has the following 3 key rules...


Bet Selectively

The Race King VIP Club only gives the very best bets from my range of betting systems and analysis. These are the very best bets each day to make max profits.


Knowledge is King

By investing in the Race King you get access to the best horse racing information on the most profitable races. It's hard work to strategically and consistently profit on horse racing, but by simply using the Race King tips as a guide you stand to make huge 10% returns.


Be Disciplined

It can be tempting to just have a bet just for the sake of it. Or chase losses. Or bet on a race you know nothing about. Stick with Race King and learn how to bet successfully and make up to £10,928 profit in just 18 months.

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There have been many incredible success stories from my happy members over the years. 

This is what motivates me to give YOU the best possible horse racing tips.

I have received loads of 5-star reviews independently verified on sites such as for my previous products.

Check out some of them below...

I don't show these to boast, but to reassure you that you are getting the very best horse racing tips when you join Race King VIP Club.

In my opinion Race King VIP is the best thing I've done yet as it takes all my systems and gives you the top most profitable tips each month.

Check out some of the positive personal messages I've been sent about my betting products below... 

I Have Already Helped Countless People Around The World Make Money From Betting...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

WAIT! How much is this going to cost?

With the cost of living crisis in full swing the last thing you want is an expensive tipster subscription.

Sadly, many rogue tipsters are motivated only by money and are out to rip you off.

I want this to be accessible to EVERYONE whatever their level of income.

I've put together a very special Discount Deal that gives you a massive 63% off.

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Steve G


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These tips have a superb 10% return on investment, a reliable 36% win rate and puts rival racing tipsters to shame.

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